Timetable help

This page provides an overview on how this system works and guidance on using it.


All of the information in this website is publically visible, mostly so that you don't have to log in to look things up. You will have to register, be approved, and then log in to make any edits. Some changes can only be made by a higher level admin user.

If you are logged in as a user, you can edit information in all modules and events: this is a collaborative data system!

Although they can access it, this not intended to be a student-facing website - they should use the college calendars.

Timings and dates

All module and event dates and times in this system are set as academic weeks and days relative to the first day of autumn term. This is stored in in the College Date table (see below). There should be no need to recalculate dates between years - changing this single date should bring everything across. Obviously, if module orders change then their data will need to be edited.

Timetable database

The structure of the database is very like the old Excel workbook. It has seven tables that hold timetabling information.

Hiding data

Courses, modules and events can all be hidden - although only an admin can hide a course. This allows us to keep data in the system but switch components from year to year.