Project proposal details

Please look carefully through the proposal details below. If you are interested in the project then contact the supervisor, explaining why you are interested and any background which makes you a good fit for the project.

If this is an external project, the lead supervisor may have suggested someone at Imperial College or the NHM who could act as an internal supervisor and you should also contact them. If the project is external and no internal has been proposed then you must find an internal supervisor before starting the project.

Please pay close attention to any extra notes on requirements (such as being able to drive or to speak particular languages) or the application process. There may be specific limitations on the project availability: if there are then they will be clearly shown further down the page.

Project title
Software development for the analysis of high-throughout sequencing data for non-model species
Contact name
Matteo Fumagalli
Project based at
Silwood Park (Imperial)
Project description
In this project the student will participate in the development, testing, and application of a software package our team is designing to analyse low-quality DNA sequencing data. The software is written in Julia language and it is available at Two main packages relate to the analysis of pooled-seq data and to process polyploid genomes. Applications will include analyses of genomic data from plants, fungi or fish.
Additional requirements
good programming skills and attitude and willing to learn to program in Julia (
Available support
additional help in population genetics will be offered
Selection and eligibility
independent learning of Julia is required
Date uploaded