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Welcome to the Silwood and NHM Masters project proposal database. This is a live list of projects proposals put forward by staff at Silwood and the NHM as well as staff elsewhere at Imperial College London and at other external project partners.

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199 records found
Available?Contact NameProject BaseProject TitleDate Created
David CurnickZoological Society of LondonQuantifying the ecological impact of a small recreational coral reef fishery2019-10-28
Mike Hoffmann & Monni BohmZoological Society of LondonSustainable use of wild species: conducting analyses of IUCN Red List data for better science-policy interface2019-10-28
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)The response of tree growth to CO2: solving a long-standing mystery2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)Ecoflora: Do plant traits reflect their habitats and distributions? 2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)Towards a new representation of ecosystems in the UK Earth System model 2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)A novel computational model of forest dynamics2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)A Bayesian approach to the prediction of plant traits2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)Plant and soil carbon and nitrogen and their stable isotopes: variations with elevation on the Tibetan plateau 2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)Fire, vegetation and climate change in Spain 2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)What controls the height of trees? 2019-10-27
Adriana De PalmaNatural History MuseumAgriculture and biodiversity: how do agricultural landscape structures impact biodiversity?2019-10-23
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumHorticultural agriculture and biodiversity: strawberry fields forever?2019-10-23
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumReassessing the intactness of biodiversity2019-10-23
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumInsect Armageddon? Estimating long-term trends in insect numbers by comparing catches reported in different decades2019-10-23
Adriana De PalmaNatural History MuseumAgriculture and biodiversity: how do agricultural interventions impact biodiversity?2019-10-23
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumMaking a biodiversity model more modular and more flexible2019-10-23
Andy PurvisNatural History MuseumModelling the impacts of land-use change and climate change on local biodiversity worldwide2019-10-23
Anjali GoswamiNatural History MuseumMorphological evolution of vertebrate skull2019-10-23
Bhavin KhatriSilwood Park (Imperial)Why is my population size so small? Estimating recent effective population sizes from resistance loci in Anopheles gambiae.2019-10-21
Bhavin KhatriSilwood Park (Imperial)Why is my population size so small? Finding better ways to estimate the contemporary effective population size.2019-10-21