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Welcome to the Silwood and NHM Masters project proposal database. This is a live list of projects proposals put forward by staff at Silwood and the NHM as well as staff elsewhere at Imperial College London and at other external project partners.

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Available?Contact NameProject BaseProject Title▲Date Created
Bhavin KhatriSilwood Park (Imperial)Detecting selection in worldwide and regional Sars-Cov2 genomic data — a tool for surveying the emergence of more transmissible strains and resistance to vaccine and antiviral treatments.2020-11-23
Alfried VoglerNatural History MuseumDeveloping and testing efficient bioinformatics pipelines for metabarcoding2019-10-28
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Developing eDNA methods to detect wildlife trafficking2020-10-09
Peter GraystockSilwood Park (Imperial)Disease outbreak in UK honey bees2020-10-14
Sue Anne ZollingerSilwood Park (Imperial)Do Manx shearwaters on Lundy Island use burrows to modify their vocalizations?2019-10-18
Martin BrazeauSilwood Park (Imperial)Do body size and inferred habitat predict early tetrapod vertebral architecture?2020-10-15
Dr Afonso Rocha and Dr Julia Schroeder (internal supervisor)Silwood Park (Imperial)Does Adult Sex Ratio predict parental care in the Black-winged Stilts?2020-01-08
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)Does Bergmann's rule apply to micro-organisms?2020-09-09
James RosindellSilwood Park (Imperial)Drivers of extinction risk in mammals and birds2020-10-18
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)Ecoflora: Do plant traits reflect their habitats and distributions? 2019-10-27
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)Ecoflora: can we predict where plant species live, based on their traits? 2020-10-25
Aurelio MaloSilwood Park (Imperial)Ecological and phenotypic drivers of social interactions and its effects on over-winter survival2019-11-13
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Ecological genomics and speciation2019-09-30
Matthew FisherSt Mary'sEffect of anthropogenic disturbance upon an amphibian disease system in Panama2019-09-11
Richard Gill & Danny KennaSilwoodEffect of pesticides on bees in a warming world: a meta-analysis2019-10-03
Richard Gill & Danny KennaSilwoodEffect of pesticides on bees in a warming world: empricial investigations on sublethal impacts2019-10-03
Joanna BarkerZoological Society of LondonElasmobranch (shark, skate & ray) conservation in Cameroon – analysis of market survey data2020-09-24
Robin FreemanZoological Society of LondonEstimating global abundance trends from species assessments2019-10-18
Colin PrenticeSilwood Park (Imperial)European tree migrations during the Holocene – how, when, why? 2020-10-25
Matteo FumagalliSilwood Park (Imperial)Evolutionary genomic analysis of Tissue Factor gene 3’ untranslated region in primates and human populations2020-09-25