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Project title
Understanding the function of microbial associates of coral reef fauna using metagenomics
Contact name
Emma Ransome
Contact email
Project based at
Silwood Park (Imperial)
Project description
Microbial associates are important for the health and success of their host organisms. On coral reefs, studies to understand these associations have been largely limited to corals and some easily accessible sponges. However, 30-75% of the coral reef habitat is relatively inaccessible, but contains a vast diversity of invertebrates including sponges and ascidians. These species are known to play important roles in carbon and nutrient pathways in coral reef systems, but little is known about their microbial communities. Because anthropogenic disturbances that are causing declines in coral communities may create favourable environments for these filter-feeding organisms, it is imperative that we understand more about their role in these ecosystems. This study will use metagenomic approaches to investigate the diversity and function of microbiomes associated with cryptic sponges and ascidians usually found living within the complex skeleton of the coral reef. Studies such as this are imperative to allow a better understanding of the variety of complex functional roles that microbes play in these threatened and changing ecosystems.
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Project proposal limitations

The project proposer has indicated that there are some limitations to the availability of this project. It may only be available at certain times of year or suit a specific project length. It may also need skills taught to students on a particular course or courses.

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Project length limitations
3.5 months, 5 months, 9 months
Available date limitations
Autumn (Sept-Oct), Winter (January)
Suitable for
Ecology Evolution and Conservation, Conservation Science, Computational Methods in Ecology and Evolution (MSc), Computational Methods in Ecology and Evolution (MRes), Ecological Applications, Ecosystem and Environmental Change MRes, Taxonomy and Biodiversity [NHM MSc], Biosystematics [NHM MRes]