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Welcome to the Silwood and NHM Masters project proposal database. This is a live list of projects proposals put forward by staff at Silwood and the NHM as well as staff elsewhere at Imperial College London and at other external project partners.

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Available?Contact NameProject BaseProject TitleDate Created
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)The ecology, evolution, and conservation of biodiversity in Madagascar2020-09-09
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)Measuring biodiversity homogenisation using fractals across Silwood Park2020-09-09
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)Global meta-analysis of evolutionary ecology (eco-phylogenetics)2020-09-09
Will Pearse & Joe TobiasSilwood Park (Imperial)Using machine learning to measure and compare birdsong2020-09-09
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)Meta-analysis of COVID-19 to guide epidemiology and policy2020-09-09
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)The macro-evolution of species’ overlapping distributions2020-09-09
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)Using natural history collections data to quantify species’ phenological or morphological responses to climate change2020-09-09
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)Does Bergmann's rule apply to micro-organisms?2020-09-09
Will PearseSilwood Park (Imperial)Using digital herbaria to study the role of functional traits and biogeography in plant2020-09-09
Amanda TraskZoological Society of LondonQuantifying hatching failure rates to inform species recovery planning of an extinct-in-the-wild bird, the sihek or Guam kingfisher2020-04-02
Clare Duncan/David CurnickZoological Society of LondonMangrove forests of the remote Chagos Archipelago (British Indian Ocean Territory): Spatiotemporal trends in ecosystem condition2020-04-01
Louise McRaeZoological Society of LondonHow well do global biodiversity indicators represent freshwater species and habitats? 2020-04-01
Robin FreemanZoological Society of LondonAutomatically finding biodiversity data: simple tricks to improve machine learning performance2020-04-01
Robin FreemanZoological Society of LondonCorrelates of cultural awareness in British Birds2020-04-01
Dr Patricia BrekkeSilwood Park (Imperial)Can conservation management interventions in the form of parasite control impact the senescence patterns of the threatened New Zealand hihi?2020-03-05
Louise Gibson / Andrew CunninghamZoological Society of LondonNon-invasive monitoring of stress hormone in captive Eidolon helvum colony before and after a blood sampling event2020-01-17
Eileen Larney, Ph.D.Zoological Society of LondonUsing community and ranger survey data for pangolin conservation2020-01-17
Nathalie PettorelliZoological Society of LondonAssessing exposure to extreme climatic events for migrating birds2020-01-17
Dr Justine Shotton MRCVS and Dani FreeMarwell/ZSLInvestigation into the behaviour of captive Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) before and after the introduction of artificial kelp into their pool. 2020-01-17
Nathalie PettorelliZoological Society of LondonWhat determines landscape permeability for wild dogs?2020-01-17