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Welcome to the Silwood and NHM Masters project proposal database. This is a live list of projects proposals put forward by staff at Silwood and the NHM as well as staff elsewhere at Imperial College London and at other external project partners.

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Available?Contact NameProject BaseProject TitleDate Created
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Non-reproductive sexual behaviour: how does environment shape the behavioural phenotype of rhesus macaques? 2020-10-09
Matteo FumagalliSilwood Park (Imperial)Inference of signatures of natural selection from genomes using deep learning2020-10-08
Matteo FumagalliSilwood Park (Imperial)Software development for the analysis of high-throughout sequencing data for non-model species2020-10-08
Matteo FumagalliSilwood Park (Imperial)Automated profiling of copy number alterations from shallow whole-genome sequencing data of tumour samples 2020-10-06
Julia SchroederSilwood Park (Imperial)Why not reproduce? Fitness consequences of reproductive decisions. 2020-10-05
Tim BarracloughSilwood Park (Imperial)Climate change and coffee: are rising temperatures increasing the severity of fungal disease on coffee in east and central Africa?2020-10-05
Richard GillSilwood Park (Imperial)ArcticBuzz: bumblebee-plant responses to climate change in Lapland2020-10-02
Richard GillSilwood Park (Imperial)Insect pollinator morphological responses over the past century: plasticity or adaptation to environmental change2020-10-02
Richard GillSilwood Park (Imperial)How does temperature modulate the effect of pesticide exposure on bee foraging motivation?2020-10-02
Richard GillSilwood Park (Imperial)Death in paradise: effects of pesticide fogging on the invertebrate community on a small tropical island2020-10-02
Matteo FumagalliSilwood Park (Imperial)Evolutionary genomic analysis of Tissue Factor gene 3’ untranslated region in primates and human populations2020-09-25
Eileen Larney, Ph.D.Zoological Society of LondonUsing community and ranger survey data for pangolin conservation2020-09-24
Nathalie PettorelliZoological Society of LondonAssessing exposure to extreme climatic events for migrating birds2020-09-24
Joanna BarkerZoological Society of LondonElasmobranch (shark, skate & ray) conservation in Cameroon – analysis of market survey data2020-09-24
Dr Justine Shotton MRCVS and Dani FreeMarwell/ZSLInvestigation into the behaviour of captive Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) before and after the introduction of artificial kelp into their pool. 2020-09-24
Bonnie WaringSilwood Park (Imperial)The role of legumes in accelerating carbon capture and ecosystem recovery during reforestation: a case study in Yucatán, Mexico2020-09-22
Bonnie WaringSilwood Park (Imperial)Manipulation of the soil microbiome to enhance carbon capture in forest restoration2020-09-22
Bonnie WaringSilwood Park (Imperial)Predicting the vulnerability of soil carbon to global change in forest ecosystems2020-09-22
Bonnie WaringSilwood Park (Imperial)Soil microbial ‘bioindicators’ of forest plantation health2020-09-22
Bonnie WaringSilwood Park (Imperial)Pathways of soil organic matter decay in temperate conifer and broadleaved forests2020-09-22