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Welcome to the Silwood and NHM Masters project proposal database. This is a live list of projects proposals put forward by staff at Silwood and the NHM as well as staff elsewhere at Imperial College London and at other external project partners.

Supervisors will continue to add projects to this list throughout the first few months of the courses, so do keep checking back! You can search the projects using the box below: simply enter some text and press Search to do a free text search. If you want to search more finely, the search tool also allows you to search on particular details of the project descriptions: you will see these finer search options appear if you click on the search box.

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199 records found
Available?Contact NameProject BaseProject TitleDate Created
Cristina Banks-LeiteSilwood Park (Imperial)The sounds of Silwood - banner for various projects working with acoustic data2020-10-14
Cristina Banks-LeiteSilwood Park (Imperial)Measuring birds feather growth bars at a changing landscape and climate2020-10-14
Cristina Banks-LeiteSilwood Park (Imperial)How does hard and soft range edge boundaries affect species sensitivity?2020-10-14
Peter GraystockSilwood Park (Imperial)Exploring bumblebee genomes to infer genes under selection2020-10-14
Peter GraystockSilwood Park (Imperial)Disease outbreak in UK honey bees2020-10-14
Peter GraystockSilwood Park (Imperial)Exploring the microbiomes of bumblebees to understand population declines2020-10-14
Peter GraystockSilwood Park (Imperial)Are important bee microbes tolerant to stressors?2020-10-14
Joe PecorelliZoological Society of LondonMigration Dynamics of the European Eel in the Thames Catchment2020-10-13
Samuel TurveyZoological Society of LondonGuiding conservation for the critically endangered tooth-billed pigeon in Samoa using habitat suitability modelling2020-10-13
Samuel TurveyZoological Society of LondonAssessing community attitudes toward rewilding: do the public want historically extinct species to be brought back?2020-10-13
Robin FreemanZoological Society of LondonModelling our decline - how statistical models can influence estimates of global population declines.2020-10-13
Cat HorswillZoological Society of LondonExploring non-invasive methods for examining wild dog demography 2020-10-13
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Exploring the spatial distribution of human genetic variation at small scales2020-10-09
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Modelling speciation and evolutionary responses to selection in heterogenous environments2020-10-09
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Genie and the LAMP: field-based great-crested newt detection using environmental DNA 2020-10-09
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Developing eDNA methods to detect wildlife trafficking2020-10-09
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Design and optimisation of a human blocking primer for the MiFish metabarcoding primers and re-analysis of eDNA samples taken from the Chagos Archipelago 2020-10-09
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Assessing the impact of salinity on eDNA degradation 2020-10-09
Matteo FumagalliSilwood Park (Imperial)Genomics and deep learning to unveil the social stratification in urban admixing populations2020-10-09
Vincent SavolainenSilwood Park (Imperial)Measuring the persistence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA across different environmental conditions2020-10-09